M&A Firms


As an M&A Advisor, SellPQ:

  • Substantially increases deal profitability with lower costs and ancillary revenues from SellPQ Community service providers
  • Provides step-by-step guidance to your staff so they will not go “off track” when working with clients
  • Gives you state of the art valuation and virtual data room tools 
  • Dramatically cuts costs, facilitates data gathering, streamlines the process  
  • Strengthens the bond with existing clients and opens door to new business
  • Creates staffing efficiencies and assures compliance with - and easy access to - all the steps required to successfully complete a sale transaction

The Product

SellPQ lets sellers easily control disclosure of proprietary company information on a selective basis to prospective buyers in a staged, and confidentiality appropriate fashion, for a “layers of the onion” reveal of company information tied to progress in negotiation.

Core features include:

  • Multiple valuation and scenario tools, including patented big-data comparison to over 30 million other companies, to help establish a baseline asking price and deal structure 
  • Ultra-secure virtual data room pre-configured for M&A with integrated step-wise guidance for each deal stage, using popular VDR components, and Blockchain- or Quantum-based data encryption and immutable logs of sharing between parties
  • Robust permissioning and proprietary workflow, within a simple user experience
  • A community of ancillary service providers including management consulting, buyer prospecting, tax advisory, legal, deal negotiating, and more
  • Expert support from the SellPQ team from start to finish on preparation and progress, domain knowledge, information security, and getting best value.

Value to M&A Firms

  • Substantially increases margins deal by deal
  • Significant savings for your firm on M&A professional and staff resources
  • Strengthens the bond with existing clients and opens the door to new business
  • Gets your client/owner ready to sell
  • Connects the dots to a successful transaction
  • Easy to use templates and integrated content
  • Market-based pricing using multiple valuation and deal structure scenarios
  • Ultra-high security over confidential company data
  • Complete control over deal timing 
  • Prioritize “preferred” buyers and conduct parallel negotiations with multiple purchasers
  • Very low cost
  • Ultra secure
  • “White labelled product” with your firm’s logo throughout