About SellPQ


  SellPQ is software for selling businesses that dramatically cuts costs and prepares Middle Market sellers to participate in the $400 billion annual M&A space.


SellPQ takes you through the four phases of the sales process. You keep complete control of timing, prospecting and disclosure of data.

All for a low monthly subscription fee.


SellPQ provides six business valuation tools, securely organizes key company information, and facilitates communications with purchasers to achieve best value.

What Does SellPQ Provide to Middle Market Sellers?


Proprietary workflow

Including a detailed user guide covering the full deal lifecycle in a seamless and integrated fashion, so that the seller can reveal company data on a phased and confidential basis tied to milestone-based progress in negotiations 


Market based company valuation tools

Your SellPQ experience includes multiple company valuation tools based on tens of millions of company profiles giving you a market-based starting point for negotiations


An ultra-secure virtual data room

To aggregate key seller data, using a state of the art Virtual Data Room, and ultra-secure access, encryption and transmission of private data between parties


Advanced document and data management features

Providing control over information before, during and after sharing, including restricting copying and forwarding, and expiration of access